Monday, June 7, 2010

Final May LOs

Here are the final layouts for May - 5/12 of the way done! WHOO HOO!

May Title Page

May Summary/Calendar Page

May 22-28b

May 29-31

May Misc

May 28-31 (Photos 148-151)

Finally getting around to posting the last of May's photos - here they are - with the final LOs to come - but might not be till tomorrow! LOL - I'm getting sleepy! I did get caught up through June 7th - TODAY! :) THose will maybe get posted tomorrow too :)

Day 148 (photo 1): Of course the first night camping we just had to make S'Mores! YUMM!

Day 148 (photo 2): Crystal with her HUGE s'more! It took up an entire graham cracker!!

Day 148 (photo 3): Me enjoying my deliciously LARGE s'more! (Tom is enjoying his too in the background :) hee hee)

Day 149: Happy 6th Anniversary Tom!

Day 149 (photo 2): A beautiful day to be camping! We spent a lot of time today playing with water balloons & the water balloon slingshot! Here's Aunty Kassy & Kaylee filling up some water balloons.

Day 149 (photo 3): Kaylee was working hard carrying the balloons over to the slingshot!

Day 149 (photo 4): Trevor had fun throwing the water balloons!

Day 149 (photo 5): Ready....Aim...

Day 149 (photo 6): FIRE!!

Day 149 (photo 7): Tom & Ryan made a great team! They successfully caught some of the waterballoons!

Day 150: Playing in the pool with the kids! :)

Day 150 (photo 2): Tom & Aaron in an exciting game of "Henke Balls"

Day 150 (photo 2): Trevor & Cole riding the Gator

Day 150 (photo 2): The big & the little Gators - together at last :) All weekend the workers (and the kids) have been admiring the "other" gator - tonight - the camp worker stopped and wanted a photo together.

Day 150 (photo 3): Trev takes Brooke out for a spin (I think he's secretly looking forward to ball games in Stacy - so he can see her again ;)

Day 151: Getting all packed up and ready to head back to WI. Our first voyage with the Scamp? SUCCESSFUL! :)