Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Photos 112-120 (April 22-30)

Day 112: Check out all the hair on the caterpillars! :) A project Grandma Hoppe started while I was "working"

Day 113: Storytime at the library - this photo was actually taken after story time - I should have taken one about 2 min before this - these kids were having such a great time running around in the conference room! Too bad its the last one of the year :( This will be missed this summer!

Day 114: Headed to Wausau today to get our Tandem fixed (and it only cost $42 YEAH!) Met Uncle John there and bummed around. Here we're having lunch at Fazzoli's

Day 115: The Firemen's Breakfast was in Stetsonville today - so we headed down after Mass and went to breakfast - YUM! The pancakes were delicious! The kids really liked checking out all the fire trucks!

Day 116: Had a playgroup at the Daniels' house today! The kids enjoyed riding their bikes around the block and playing outside!

Day 117: Thought it would be a good day to try to get the kids' pics taken - but they were both sooo goofy!

Day 117 (photo 2): Goofy - but cute!!

Day 118: Granda Trent has a magic way of harvesting M&M's from behind the kids' ears! I wonder how long he'll get away with this!! :)

Day 119: Today I let Trevor skip school - and we headed to the Eau Claire Children's Museum with Mom's & Munchkins. We've never been there and the kids sure had a good time!! Wish I wouldnt have forgotten my camera - good thing I had my cell phone!!

Here is Kaylee with Sienna Hamland making a shark craft

Day 120: Almost 2 years after getting her ears pierced - Kaylee had to get new earings today :( We lost one of her purple ones somewhere - so now we went to pink - I dont like them nearly as much as the purple ones - but they didnt have purple or ladybugs (like Kaylee wanted - LOL) so I guess pink it is :)

April's 3rd week LOs

Now that I have my computer cord again - I have a LOT of catching up to do!! Here's the 3rd week LOs :)

Photos 105-111 (April 15-21)

Wow - this goes much faster when they are already all uploaded :) I did all the cropping, saving & uploading last night - so when I "lost" my computer again for the day - I could do this part on Tom's computer :) So this is officially my 5th post for the day :) LOL - this might be it for now - I have to finish the 4th week of photos - and scrap the 3rd week!

Day 105: Happy 3rd Birthday Alexandra! We helped her celebrate by having cake at her house.

Day 106: We went to supper at the Korner Bar - where they have FABULOUS bacon cheeseburgers and fries - for reasonable prices!! We went with Grandma Ann, Grandpa Trent, Aunt Kate & Uncle Tim

Day 107: Waiting for the picture yet - taken just not uploaded :)

Day 108: Waiting for the picture yet - taken just not uploaded :)

Day 109: We've been spending some time out at the lake working on the Scamp - Trevor loves to play in Grandpa's dirt pile - not exactly sure what he was doing here - but he looks cute :)

Day 109 (photo 2): Mom made the kids pose on the rock by the flowers - isn't this a cute Spring Photo?!? :)

Day 110: While Mom was doing some cleaning in the kids room and putting away clothes - Kaylee decides its time to paint - she chose blue "because you like blue mom" She' so sweet. When she was done I asked her what she was painting - and she said "angels, blue angels mom" It was cute :)

Day 111: Tried to bike with the road-bike crew this week - but our tandem was not up to par :( UGH! Turns out the gasket was shot and we needed a new one.

Layouts for Week 2:

Here we are w/ week 2's layouts - I didnt think I had done them yet - but surprised I had!! W/o my computer cord I'm not sure when I'll get to the rest of the month - hopefully soon! :) I do have the photos for you at least :)

Photos 98-104 (April 8-14)

Ok - here's the 2nd week of April - ENJOY :)

Day 98: Trevor & Grandma Hoppe cuddling in bed before its time to call it a night!

Day 99: We headed to Rosholt to visit Paula & Aaron - after we put the kids to bed we played "Monopoly Deal" a new card game - I wasnt a huge fan (I just dont care for monopoly - but it is better than the 'real' game!) - even after kicking everyones butt - TWICE! :)

Day 100 (WOW!!!): The kids love it when we visit Paula-walla & Aaron!!

Day 101: Happy Birthday Aaron!!! :) Since Tom and Aaron have birthdays so close - we got an ice cream cake for them - on Aaron's birthday - before we left town!

Day 102: Happy 29th Birthday Tom!! We celebrated with a cake made by the kids - out at Tom's parents house!

Day 103: A little post-bath snuggling with Bailey :)

Day 104: Even though the weather was iffy - Tom and I got out for a little ride around town - about 23 miles.

Layout for the 1st week in April

Here are my first 2 LOs for April - I used a great collab - Elegant Azure by Misty O'Brien :) Images are linked to my GingerScraps gallery where you will find the rest of the credits.

Photos 91-97 (April 1-7)

OK - going back and doing all these photos - so start leaving those comments :) Encourage me - LOL! (To leave a comment scroll to bottom of this post and find the little pencil icon and click on that :) thanks!)

Day 91: What a great way to start April! It was a beautiful day - so we had a picnic for lunch over at the Brady's house!

Day 92: Tom had a half day off of work - so we headed to MN after he got off - when we got there Aunty Kassy treated the kids to DQ! The sure liked that!!

Day 93: Waiting ever so patiently for the egg-hunt to start for the "Hoppe Easter" get together!

Day 94: HAPPY EASTER!! Here are the kids posing by Great Grandma's Bunny Cakes!

Day 94 (photo 2): A quick family pic!

Day 95: Kaylee stayed in MN with Grandma - so Trevor & Mom had a day to themselves before he had to go back to school and she went to work!

Day 95 (photo 2): Trevor's great find at the thrift store - a 3-D projector - with slides about all the planets! He is TOTALLY into space right now - I love it! My little science geek....

Day 96: My new home away from home - for the next 9 school days! :) A Kindergarten room with 15 students!

Day 97: Kaylee & Grandma Hoppe came to WI tonight after work - wouldn't you think she'd want to spend time with Mom after being away for a few days - OH NO! It was STILL all about Grandma!

Day 97 (photo 2): Grandma brought Trevor a cool "magic ink" Transformer book - he LOVED the dot-to-dots in there!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Final March LOs (better late then never)

Here are the last of the March Layouts - I'm keeping up - just not doing very well posting the individual photos - that seems to take up the most time - not sure if its worth it or not - do you like seeing all the individual photos?!? Can I just do that on FB - or does anyone see them here - not getting any comments lately - so I think I'm just out here talking to myself :) LOL

Anyways - here we are! :)

Mar 22-28 Side A

Mar 22-28 Side B

Mar 29-31

Mar Misc

Mar Title

Mar Calendar

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Photos 81-90

Here are the last of the March Photos - I'm keeping up - just not doing very well posting the individual photos - that seems to take up the most time - not sure if its worth it or not - do you like seeing all the individual photos?!? Can I just do that on FB - or does anyone see them here - not getting any comments lately - so I think I'm just out here talking to myself :) LOL

Anyways - here we go again! :)

Day 81: It was a beautiful spring day - so seemed like a great day to put up our new "big kid swing" (time to take down one of the baby swings - I was getting sick of lifting them into and out of the swings!) Kaylee LOVED having her own swing!

Day 82(photo 1): Kaylee & Alexandra Paff - on the wheeler getting ready to collect sap!

Day 82 (photo 2): Tom, Trevor, Kaylee & Alexandra hauling the trailer with sap

Day 82 (photo 3): I was way bummed when i pulled this one of the camera and noticed it was blurry - but its way cute and had to include it anyways!!

Day 82 (photo 4): Alexandra & Kaylee checking the "blue bags" for sap! This one was pretty full!

Day 83: Poor Kaylee Bug! She's had a fever the past two days - and I decided it was time to bring her into the DR and see what was going on - DOUBLE ear infection :( Poor girl! Bad mom - should have brought her in earlier I guess! She was so wiped - she fell asleep in the Burley on the way home!

Day 84: Happy Thursday! Thursday's are the days that generally Grandma Ann & Grandpa Trent take the kids to High View - today Tom and I joined them. Terry likes to give the kids their orange juice in shot glasses! LOL

Day 85: The Easter Bunny made an appearance at the library today! The kids both loved it - Kaylee even volunteered (AKA skipped in line! LOL) to sit on the bunny's lap! Which is a HUGE step over Santa!

Day 86: The Martfeld's came over for a LONG weekend to play! :) We're soo excited to have them here! Here are the 4 kiddos on the wheeler at the sap shack - too bad the weather was so crummy!

Day 87 (photo 1): Another thing we spent a BIT of time doing this weekend was play "New Supar Mario Bros" for Wii - the kids really liked watching us play! THANKS MARTFELDS!! :)

Day 87 (photo 2): Just another shot of the crew playing Wii! :)

Day 88 (photo 1): It was a much needed evening of cleaning the basement/toy area!! Trevor really enjoys having the Geo-Trax at our house!! Thanks Grandma Hoppe! :)

Day 88 (photo 2): "You've completed everything in New Super Mario Bros. Wii!" LOL! A personal goal!

Day 89: Trevor woke up with a red and gunky eye (see his LEFT one?!?!) This was taken later in the day - but sitll looked not the best! He had a day off of school - while we determined it was NOT pink eye - just part of his cold!

Day 90 (photo 1): It was such a beautiful night (and frankly mom was feeling a BIT lazy! LOL) that while Dad went to teach Rel. Ed - the kids and I swung through McD's and had a picnic at the park! The kids werent complaining one bit! :)

Day 90 (photo 2): Playing at the park! :)

Day 90 (photo 3):