Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Feb 15-21 Layout

Here's my completed Layout from last week - images are linked to my gallery

Photos 46-52

Here are all the photos from last week! :)

Day 46: Before we headed back home - we spent the morning with "The Girls" - the kids love it when we can hang out with Emilee, Ailie & Maija! We grabbed lunch at the new Italian resteraunt in town - it was pretty good!

Day 47: Since the weather was decent & sunny today I decided to tackle chipping off all the ice off of our driveway - the kids must have gotten bored with it - because soon Kaylee was asking to walk down to see Grandpa at his office - and since it was basically noon and I knew he'd probably be coming up for lunch anyways - I let them head down the trail to see him! I wonder how many more times in the next coming weeks and months they'll be doing that! Sorry Grandpa ;)

Day 48: "Happy" Ash Wednesday! Today marks the beginning of Lent, and I've decided to try to not turn on the computer in the mornings where its just Kaylee and I home - she makes it so easy to just pop in a movie, and while she watches the movie & eats breakfast - I get to scrap for an hour. I'm going to try to do more crafts/projects and stuff with her. It'll be good for both of us - but I'm sure going to miss that scrap time!

Day 48 (photo 2): After the kids' baths they were listening to their "new" book on tape - they were sharing sooo nicely and looked so cute - I just had to take a picture!

Day 49: Today was another playgroup for Kaylee while Trevor was at school - this time it was the one for Mom's & Munchkins! I just love getting together with these moms! Here Kaylee is with Addison - she loves to follow her around!

Day 49 (photos 3-4): Since it was ANOTHER beautiful winter day - I decided to go get a car wash - the van was in dire need! Trevor loved watching the bubbles and the water & Kaylee screamed and wanted to go out - try explaining to a 2 year old that you can't go out when the garage door was closed! Poor girl! The 4th photo is just a random one from inside the car wash - shows that it was 35* out! BEAUTIFUL!

Day 50: Wow! Who would have thought that I'd make it 50 days! Thats 1/7 of the way there! LOL! I might not be posting as often as I would like - but at least I'm still taking photos (that's the easy part!) Anyways - today I tried something new for cleaning out our slow drain upstairs in the bathroom - I used baking soda, vinegar & boiling water to clean it out! It was fun to watch (says the scientist in me!) and it worked like a charm! No more drain-o for me! :)

Day 51: The Anderson's came over for a visit this weekend - and it was a great weekend to have them around! The weather was beautiful all weekend! We spent a good deal of time outside - in the AM with the kids and in the PM with just us adults - as the kids napped! We had mini snow-ball fights and even got in a little snowmobile ride!

Day 52: Wow! We are really getting spoiled with all thsi nice weather! Today we took the kids, Grandma Ann & Grandpa Trent out snowshoeing! We took this picture before we began - which was a good thing - because about 3 min after - Kaylee wanted in the backpack! LOL - she did get out later and try again - but it's a lot of work for her little legs! Trevor did GREAT and actually walked quite a long ways - he got a kick out of trying to make himself (and us) fall down! I like the way Kaylee is totally not looking at the camera - she was too impressed with how quickly I could run in snowshoes! She was like "WOW Mom! You're fast!" I set the time and had to RUN to get into the snow - I'm sure it did look pretty comical!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Feb 8-14 Layout

Whoo hoo! Got them all uploaded - and now I'm up-to-date! :) I have the photo from yesterday all ready to go too - but figured I'll wait to post that till I at least have a couple! :)

Images are linked to my gallery where you will find all the credits!

Photos 39-45

Here are my photos for last week! :)

Day 39: Trevor is still on the Florida schedule (aka no naps) so while Kaylee tried to nap Trevor "rested" and then I got him up and figured we better get a start on making some Valentine's for his classmates. He did a GREAT job writing his name 18 times! We took a few breaks because he didnt think he could work that much :) It was funny!

Day 40: Today Andrew is 1 week old! He came early so we missed his birth - we were planning on taking his older sister for a slumber party one night while they were in the hospital - but since we missed that we owed her a slumber party! (see tomorrows photo for a pic of the new big sister!) He is such a cute baby!

Day 41: After such a great sleepover (we layed all 3 kids down in one room, said goodnight, and never had to go back in there! It was amazing!) Kaylee & Alexandra got to play all morning while Trevor was at pre-school. When we went to pick up Trevor it was time for Alexandra to go home - we hope she had fun with us!

Day 42: Today (on another no-nap day :( hopefully this doesn't mean he's done....) Trevor drew a picture of himself on the magna-doodle - I love watching him draw! Then after I complimented him on that - he drew another person - and says, "Look Mom! I drew you with me!" it was just too cute - it made me smile!

Day 43: Today we surprised Grandma & Grandpa with a visit! (Aunty Kassy knew we were coming :) hee hee) Our company that we were supposed to have cancelled on us last minute - so last minute I decided to pack up the kids and head to MN for the weekend. It was my parents 30th anniversary on the 15th, and my Grandpa's 75th birthday on the 14th - so it was a nice weekend to be home!

The photos are of Friday night after we ate supper, Kaylee wanted to dance - so Kassy went and got out some of her old dance costumes and was showing Kaylee some moves :) Kaylee loved it!

Day 44: What a great way to start the morning!! Trevor was sitting on the couch eating cereal with Grandpa Hoppe & watching "G-force" He really likes that movie lately!

Day 44(photo 2): Mom took this photo for me - but I told her to (I was talking to her on the phone - Linda & I were out bummin') Apparently Bailey wasnt quite ready for me to take off his coat (he has a coat that I put on him in the winter after he gets his hair cut - to help keep him warm) because Mom came upstairs to find him laying in the sun - in the middle of the kitchen table! LOL

Day 45: Happy Valentine's Day! Today is also my Grandpa's 75th Birthday! To help celebrate with him we went to a small birthday party at their church - cinnamon rolls, donuts & juice! YUM! Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Feb 1-7 Layouts

Ok - I have everything caught up - I'm just in the process of getting everything uploaded - so bear with me :) Here is my layout for the first week in February!

Notice I changed the templates a bit - and added the extra paper behind the brown - what do you think? Is this too distracting or does it work? I'd continue with this paper for all of Feb (and go back and do a snowflake one for Jan), and use a different one you think that'll be ok?

Images are linked to the gallery where you will find the credits :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Photos 34-38

Day 34: Today the "young adults" went mini-golfing! The kiddos got to hang out and do some more swimming with Grandma & Grandpa Hoppe! This was also the day that BJ & Lindsay left, and it was Jake's first "full-day" with us! Unfortunately Tom was the big winner of the day :( LOL!

Day 35: Today we went to Disney Hollywood - it was by far the busiest park day - we actually had to wait in line today for more than 10 min :( LOL! Kaylee really loved meeting all the characters - she was really getting into it. Trevor loved the Toy Story Mania game (bottom photo). We actually did that one twice - even with the wait being 50 min!

Day 36: We were thinking about going to the beach today - but decided just to have a relaxing day - and its a good thing that's what we did today! Check out the huge tornado warning all of Disney was under! Glad we werent at any of the parks today! Instead Dad & Tom played some cribbage (dang that Tom, he has all the luck!) Of course the kids did some swimming (before all the storms came through - and I think after too....LOL) Mom, Dad & I did a little shopping, and Kassy & Jake went out to dinner and to a Magic game - it was a close game - but the Magic ended up losing! We also did a bunch of cleaning, laundry & packing as we have to leave tomorrow :(

Day 37: Today is our last day in Florida, but because our plane doesnt leave until 9:50p we were still able to spend all day at Animal Kingdom!! We finished packing this morning and made it to the park about 10ish. It was another busy day - but we were able to do some of the more popular rides with the "fast pass" - even did a few of them twice! The one the kids really seemed to enjoy (and myself!) was the Safari "ride". It was a jeep like ride through Africa - with the animals free roaming - it was way cool! And after the park closed at 6 - we spent some time in the parking lot rearranging our luggage - making sure all the liquids were not in our carry-ons etc - I have to admit I'm sure we looked sort of silly!

Day 38: Welcome "Home"! It was a nice cool day for our first day back from Florida - we didnt get to bed until 2:30am! Quite the day we had yesterday! This morning Tom and I and the kids got up and went to church, then Paul, Colleen, Audrey & baby William came to Grandma & Grandpa's house to visit! The kids all play together so nice - it's fun to watch! Hard to believe I met their mom over 10 years ago! After a few hour visit with them, it was time to head back to WI where we unpacked and watched the 2nd half of the Super Bowl!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Final January Layout - for real

Guess I used some Feb pics for my Misc page! LOL - I guess I was just too excited to show off some of the other Florida pics! ;) Hee hee - so here's my fixed one....

Friday, February 5, 2010

Final January LOs :)

Here are the last of my January LOs - I can't believe we're a twelfth of the way done! :) Enjoy!

Photos 29-33

Day 29: Storytime at the Library!! You can see Kaylee's pigtails in the forground of the photo! She loves listening to Grandma Ann & Miss Donna read! :)

Day 30: Vacation TIME! We headed to Florida today! Here are Aunty Kassy, Grandma Hoppe, Trev, Kaylee & I in the van heading to the airport! I also have a photo of Grandma Hoppe and Kaylee on the airplane! And after we got to our house - it was like 10:30p and of course we all had to go swimming!

Day 31: Today was a relaxing day - we did a lot of swimming and a lot of grocery shopping trying to get all the food we'd need for the week - we filled up like 2 grocery carts! Of course I forgot to take a picture of that - so only got a portion of them still on the conveyor belt!

Day 32: Here we are at Universal studios! It rained on and off all day - which was kind of a bummer - but it sure made all the lines super short! We were able to just walk right on most of the rides - it was very nice (and def spoiled us for later in the week!)

Day 33: YEAH! Magic Kingdom! :) Here is the whole group in front of Cinderella's Castle! The kids really had a good time here - the whole park is definitely aimed for more of the younger kid crowd! It was busier than Universal - but the wait time for Space Mtn was only 5 min! Which basically meant we walked right on - at least 2 times! It was great! (how in the world do you only pick one pic of the day?!? Thank goodness I scrap regularly too! We have lots of fun pics! Kaylee really got a kick out of meeting Minnie!)

Of course I have loads of pics - but I'm doing my best to pick just one a day! You'll have to wait till we get home to see the rest ;) Or maybe I'll put some up on my other blog or something.... Hope you're all enjoying the snowy-weather! :)