Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wow - Long Time! Happy Halloween!

Not sure why - but decided TODAY was going to be the day to update my blog - now hopefully the fall will hold off and not snow anytime too soon - so I can keep this look for a bit - isn't it CUTE?!

I'm no longer posting my P365 Layouts - well maybe I will on here too - but they are on my facebook page. Maybe I'll post them on here - we'll see how it goes!

But I thought I'd like a place to put out some thoughts, pics, ideas, whatever - sometimes Facebook just isnt the place!

So I have no idea who reads this - if anyone - ha ha! But wanted to share the kids' Halloween cards that I made! I think they turned out cute (but I'm pretty biased - cute kids, cute kits - what more could I ask for?!)

The kids are passing out treats in their classrooms and I printed 4 of these per 4x6 print and cut them apart and stuck them in snack size baggie with their goodies. Who knows if anyone will even look at them - I mean come on - there is CANDY in there! ;) But oh well - they're cute nontheless!

Plus after a few days of a sick hubby and kid (and dog for that matter) - I needed something to cheer me up! Here's to hoping no one else throws up my in house for a LONG time!

Alright - E is napping I best go jump in the shower before I have to go pick up Bug!

Monday, July 12, 2010

June Layouts

Ok - I'm so far behind on posting to this blog - that I'm just going to post the Layouts for the month of June - if anyone wants to see all the pics - they can visit my facebook page - they're all on there! :)

Not sure if I'll get a chance to do all the July pics - its a lot more time consuming than I had planned - but you'll def be able to see the LOs! :)

June Title

June Summary

June 1-7a

June 1-7b

June 8-14a

June 8-14b

June 15-21a

June 15-21b

June 22-28a

June 22-28b

June 29-30

June Misc

Monday, June 7, 2010

Final May LOs

Here are the final layouts for May - 5/12 of the way done! WHOO HOO!

May Title Page

May Summary/Calendar Page

May 22-28b

May 29-31

May Misc

May 28-31 (Photos 148-151)

Finally getting around to posting the last of May's photos - here they are - with the final LOs to come - but might not be till tomorrow! LOL - I'm getting sleepy! I did get caught up through June 7th - TODAY! :) THose will maybe get posted tomorrow too :)

Day 148 (photo 1): Of course the first night camping we just had to make S'Mores! YUMM!

Day 148 (photo 2): Crystal with her HUGE s'more! It took up an entire graham cracker!!

Day 148 (photo 3): Me enjoying my deliciously LARGE s'more! (Tom is enjoying his too in the background :) hee hee)

Day 149: Happy 6th Anniversary Tom!

Day 149 (photo 2): A beautiful day to be camping! We spent a lot of time today playing with water balloons & the water balloon slingshot! Here's Aunty Kassy & Kaylee filling up some water balloons.

Day 149 (photo 3): Kaylee was working hard carrying the balloons over to the slingshot!

Day 149 (photo 4): Trevor had fun throwing the water balloons!

Day 149 (photo 5): Ready....Aim...

Day 149 (photo 6): FIRE!!

Day 149 (photo 7): Tom & Ryan made a great team! They successfully caught some of the waterballoons!

Day 150: Playing in the pool with the kids! :)

Day 150 (photo 2): Tom & Aaron in an exciting game of "Henke Balls"

Day 150 (photo 2): Trevor & Cole riding the Gator

Day 150 (photo 2): The big & the little Gators - together at last :) All weekend the workers (and the kids) have been admiring the "other" gator - tonight - the camp worker stopped and wanted a photo together.

Day 150 (photo 3): Trev takes Brooke out for a spin (I think he's secretly looking forward to ball games in Stacy - so he can see her again ;)

Day 151: Getting all packed up and ready to head back to WI. Our first voyage with the Scamp? SUCCESSFUL! :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

May's LOs Weeks 3-4

Here are my Layouts for the 3rd and 4th weeks of May! Wow - the year is almost 1/2 over already!

Still missing a photo - but its something at least! :)

May 15-27 (Photos 135-147)

Day 135: Look at that form! He's quite the little slugger! :)

Day 135 (photo 2): The kids' new favorite game - T-Ball! :) I love watching them play!! It's amazing how well they understand the game already!! Too bad we couldn't get Trev on a t-ball team this summer - def next summer!!

Day 136: We had a great visit with the Stenslands this weekend!! I wish we lived closer - the kids all had a good time together - once Jacob got used to Kaylee's "in your face" style! LOL :)

Day 137: ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL DAY!! WHOOO HOOO! We've been having a LOT of fun playing outside! Drawing with chalk, painting with water, playing t-ball.....

Day 138: Had a fun day with Alexandra Paff today!

Day 139 (photo 1): A nice sunny day for our bike ride! Look closely - I'm pretty sure this is my first belly shot! LOL!

Day 139 (photo 2): Getting close to the end - moving shot of the GPS - my toy to play with when we ride!

Day 139 (photo 3): Our final numbers for our bike ride: 33.8mi, avg speed 18.6mph, ride time 1:46 (that includes one pee stop - LOL!)

Day 140 (photo 1): Got to visit Andrew Paff today - soo cute! :)

Day 140 (photo 1): Kaylee had to get in on the action too! The kids both LOVE babies!!

Day 141: Got the rest of my black dirt today for our mini garden! Grandma Ann & Kaylee started the planting by planting Trevor's two bean plants from the library.

Day 142 (photo 1): I thought I did a pretty good job on the cake for today!! The grey isn't the smoothest, and the white line across the red circle isnt centered the best....but overall I think it looks pretty good! :) (BTW it's Ratchet the transformer (animated version) - made with the Wilton "Van" Pan (I had to cut the cake to shape it more like ratchet and free hand the colors)

Day 142 (photo 2): The Zenner crew (plus two) - at Trev's birthday party! I was so glad they could all make it! :)

Day 142 (photo 3): Trevor with his Ratchet Cake and FIVE candles!

Day 142 (photo 4): Trevor blowing out his candles

Day 143: Our first corn on the cob for the summer - both the kids love it - almost as much as I do!! :) Was a little nervous about the early batch - but boy did it taste good!!

Day 144 (photo 1): We had a party at the park for Trevor's classmates to celebrate his 5th birthday. I'd say overall the kids had a great time - even if it was 90* out! Here are a few of the boys who came: Caleb, Dylan, Trevor, Vincent & Connor.

Day 144 (photo 2): Had cupcakes out at Grandma Ann's & Grandpa Trent's house for supper!

Day 145: Kaylee's new favorite cereal - Grape-nuts! LOL! For some odd reason in the middle of eating cereal, she decided she had to go get her goggles - she asked if she looked cute! Hee hee. Not the best quality picture...but funny anyways :)

Day 145 (photo 2): Welcome Julia Ann Snyder! We're soo happy that you've joined our family! Can't wait to meet you in person!

Day 145 (photo 3): Grandma Ann, new BIG Sister Katie & Julia

Day 146: Trevor got to go shopping today to spend some of his birthday money - surprise, surprise, he chose some more transformers!

Day 147: Trevor got to have Caleb Egle over for the afternoon today - as a way to have a "special day" since Kaylee is in Minnesota with Grandma & Aunty Kassy. These boys were sooo silly together - it's great to see how well they can play together! Here they are eating ice cream together and Caleb asks "Trevor you're going to always be my friend, right?" It was just too cute!