Friday, March 19, 2010

Photos 67-73:

I'm a bit behind getting these on my blog - but I'm up to date w/ the LO at least :) Enjoy - I'll try to be back Monday with this weeks - get back into that routine again!

Day 67: Happy Birthday Aunty Kassy!! We miss you and we hope you're having fun in Colorado!!

Day 68: Today after Trevor got done w/ school we went to the Smola's to play! The kids got to ride their bikes in their new shop - and had tons of fun doing so! Here is Trevor & Tucyr!

Day 69: Trevor was sooooo excited that Grandma Hoppe was at his house - he was using her as a jungle gym!

Day 70 (photo 1): I got up early today to get ready to go sub at the Elementary School - and I also made some home-made cinnamon rolls - they sure look tasty! Too bad I put them in the oven as I was leaving - and I didn't get to enjoy any! :)

Day 70 (photo 2): Trevor loves our new "bug zapper!"

Day 70 (photo 3): Trevor was using the camera - and he thought it would be a good idea to include Reeses in our daily photo! I thought it was a cute picture! :)

Day 70 (photo 4): Trevor cleaned out the toy cupboard and thought it'd be a good place to hide - isn't he cute?!?

Day 71: WOW! March 12th and there is NO MORE SNOW! Crazy!

Day 72 (photo 1): Trevor & Kaylee taking out the new John Deere Gator for a spin! (at Grandma & Grandpa Hoppe's house)

Day 72 (photo 2): We decided to do a picnic lunch since it was soo nice out! We did hotdogs on the fire - had some grapes and chips - and of course did some S'Mores! :) YUM!

Day 72 (photo 3): Trevor enjoying his marshmallow!

Day 73 (photo 1): 61* isn't that crazy?!?

Day 73 (photo 2): We went out to lunch after church w/ Mom's family for her Birthday Lunch (better late then never!! :) hee hee)

Day 73 (photo 3): Kaylee is back at her painting - she LOVES to paint (with water of course!) Trevor joined in on the fun too!

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  1. Sure enjoy the pictures, Trina. It was good talking to you yesterday.
    BTW- It's big Trevor and Christ (no i) on here, too. Just so you know. ;-) Love you!