Thursday, January 28, 2010

Photos 25-28:

I figure it's been a few days - time to update you with some more pics! We've been busy around here getting ready for FLORIDA!!

I've decided I sometimes just need a little bit of help choosing a photo of the day - I have it narrowed down to 2-3, now it's your turn ;) Which photos should I use?

Day 25:
Pic 1: Our toyroom after having the Daniels' over for a lunch date! But hey - at least the rest of my house looked clean!!
Pic 2: Kaylee, Trevor and I playing Bingo - its almost a daily occurance - either Colors & Shapes Bingo or the Alphabet Bingo - and both kids do a great job of being the caller - it amazes me how much Kaylee knows!!

Day 26:
Pic 1: Kaylee loves her chocolate pudding! Know that's a face only a mom could love :)
Pic 2: Tom & Trevor love to rough house together!
Pic 3: Our computer hooked up to our TV - a great way to catch up on Grey's!

Day 27: The kids are such great helpers when it comes to packing for Florida! Who needs clothes - when we have these two?!?

Day 28: Trevor FINALLY got his class picture from pre-school today! He's having fun looking at it and telling me all about the other kids in his class! He also got his 1st ever report card! What a big day!


  1. Great pictures. I think the one of you playing bing definately and the pudding face. I love the one of the kids in the suitcase, they are ready to go!

  2. My vote goes for bingo and either pudding or rough housing.

    So excited to see the FL pics as they come in!!

  3. Love the packing pictures - can't wait till we get there! I think you should have done a picture of his report card :) ~Grandma Hoppe

  4. Those bingo games are so much fun! I love that picture of the three of you!