Thursday, April 1, 2010

Photos 81-90

Here are the last of the March Photos - I'm keeping up - just not doing very well posting the individual photos - that seems to take up the most time - not sure if its worth it or not - do you like seeing all the individual photos?!? Can I just do that on FB - or does anyone see them here - not getting any comments lately - so I think I'm just out here talking to myself :) LOL

Anyways - here we go again! :)

Day 81: It was a beautiful spring day - so seemed like a great day to put up our new "big kid swing" (time to take down one of the baby swings - I was getting sick of lifting them into and out of the swings!) Kaylee LOVED having her own swing!

Day 82(photo 1): Kaylee & Alexandra Paff - on the wheeler getting ready to collect sap!

Day 82 (photo 2): Tom, Trevor, Kaylee & Alexandra hauling the trailer with sap

Day 82 (photo 3): I was way bummed when i pulled this one of the camera and noticed it was blurry - but its way cute and had to include it anyways!!

Day 82 (photo 4): Alexandra & Kaylee checking the "blue bags" for sap! This one was pretty full!

Day 83: Poor Kaylee Bug! She's had a fever the past two days - and I decided it was time to bring her into the DR and see what was going on - DOUBLE ear infection :( Poor girl! Bad mom - should have brought her in earlier I guess! She was so wiped - she fell asleep in the Burley on the way home!

Day 84: Happy Thursday! Thursday's are the days that generally Grandma Ann & Grandpa Trent take the kids to High View - today Tom and I joined them. Terry likes to give the kids their orange juice in shot glasses! LOL

Day 85: The Easter Bunny made an appearance at the library today! The kids both loved it - Kaylee even volunteered (AKA skipped in line! LOL) to sit on the bunny's lap! Which is a HUGE step over Santa!

Day 86: The Martfeld's came over for a LONG weekend to play! :) We're soo excited to have them here! Here are the 4 kiddos on the wheeler at the sap shack - too bad the weather was so crummy!

Day 87 (photo 1): Another thing we spent a BIT of time doing this weekend was play "New Supar Mario Bros" for Wii - the kids really liked watching us play! THANKS MARTFELDS!! :)

Day 87 (photo 2): Just another shot of the crew playing Wii! :)

Day 88 (photo 1): It was a much needed evening of cleaning the basement/toy area!! Trevor really enjoys having the Geo-Trax at our house!! Thanks Grandma Hoppe! :)

Day 88 (photo 2): "You've completed everything in New Super Mario Bros. Wii!" LOL! A personal goal!

Day 89: Trevor woke up with a red and gunky eye (see his LEFT one?!?!) This was taken later in the day - but sitll looked not the best! He had a day off of school - while we determined it was NOT pink eye - just part of his cold!

Day 90 (photo 1): It was such a beautiful night (and frankly mom was feeling a BIT lazy! LOL) that while Dad went to teach Rel. Ed - the kids and I swung through McD's and had a picnic at the park! The kids werent complaining one bit! :)

Day 90 (photo 2): Playing at the park! :)

Day 90 (photo 3):

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