Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Photos 98-104 (April 8-14)

Ok - here's the 2nd week of April - ENJOY :)

Day 98: Trevor & Grandma Hoppe cuddling in bed before its time to call it a night!

Day 99: We headed to Rosholt to visit Paula & Aaron - after we put the kids to bed we played "Monopoly Deal" a new card game - I wasnt a huge fan (I just dont care for monopoly - but it is better than the 'real' game!) - even after kicking everyones butt - TWICE! :)

Day 100 (WOW!!!): The kids love it when we visit Paula-walla & Aaron!!

Day 101: Happy Birthday Aaron!!! :) Since Tom and Aaron have birthdays so close - we got an ice cream cake for them - on Aaron's birthday - before we left town!

Day 102: Happy 29th Birthday Tom!! We celebrated with a cake made by the kids - out at Tom's parents house!

Day 103: A little post-bath snuggling with Bailey :)

Day 104: Even though the weather was iffy - Tom and I got out for a little ride around town - about 23 miles.

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